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BeauTea was established in the Washington DC area in 2019 and is an original specialty tea brand. BeauTea is committed to creating a popular light luxury drink, featuring high-value and freshness, perfectly neutralizing the sweetness of milk and the rich tea aroma.

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2020 fall

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Naomi G.
Naomi G. Read More
New bubble tea place in Georgetown! Yayyy !! First of all, great location! And upstairs they have Reren ramen/lamen restaurant, but it is currently closed due to covid. And would love to dine in once everything gets better.
Love their interior designs, they have a cute adorable small plants on every table. Got their matcha bubble tea, wings and calamari, they were delicious! And great service. Definitely recommend this place. Im you excited to come back and bring more friends 😀
Viet N.
Viet N. Read More
This place is very clean and has social distancing with each table having hand sanitizers. They have a small but good selection of drinks. I got the mango and the jumbo orange. I got mango jelly with the mango drink, I don’t recommend it as the mango pieces are too large and doesn’t fit in the straw. They were also running and special buy 2 get 1 free. We got the matcha milk tea. Not bad, the place is recommend as the best boba shop in Georgetown.
Rupa N.
Rupa N. Read More
Super cute bubble tea cafe with a simple menu. I got the brown sugar bubble milk tea which is super sweet. I should have asked for it to be less sweet. I would probably get taro next time. Price is good for the amount you get which is a lot. The boba is a good chewy consistency


Star from: $5.50

Here are three main types of bubble tea drinks, fresh fruit time, full cup of milk and Qingqing original tea. Fresh Fruit Time uses fresh organic fruits purchased every day, coupled with selected high-quality tea bases, so that consumers can enjoy the refreshing and rich taste of fruit tea. In order for letting customers enjoy the freshest fruits of the season, BeauTea launches seasonal limited fruits drink –super fruit mix tea. We use the refreshing Hawaiian iced tea paired with fresh watermelon, peach, pineapple and other seasonal fruits to give people the most authentic taste of fruit tea. The full cup of milk fragrance uses lactaid whole milk and heavy cream to create a wonderful flavor that is sweet and mellow on the tip of the
tongue. Qingqing original tea uses the champion high mountain series of original teas, and only takes the most authentic taste of the original tea after a high-speed tea extraction machine.


We make every drink for customers with sincerity.


We insist on exploring more mysteries of milk tea, and create more innovative and fashionable tea products for customers.


Let every guest feel the charm of milk tea, and let our drinks become a building up A bridge of relationship between people.

We love the aesthetics of good food.

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